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Whether you’re looking for a booking platform for your new dog walking venture, a client portal for your online shop or a membership website for your community organisation – we’ve got you covered. Crafting a website doesn’t have to be a daunting task, let’s make it fun and create an entirely unique bespoke design.


With over fifteen years of experience developing web applications, we are confident in building sophisticated websites that meet the latest industry standards. A modern website should be fast, secure and reliable; our coding practices ensure that our clients receive the highest quality solutions.


The internet is changing. It’s now possible to render complex graphical artwork directly in the browser. We  are well versed in producing interactive graphical content, video processing and realtime animation. No matter how abstract your ideas we have the WebGL skills to transform your vision into a reality.


Above all, your website needs traffic. Whilst there’s no single solution when it comes to marketing, we strive to recognise the individual needs of your target audience and help you find an edge in your market. We can improve your visibility with search engine optimisation (SEO), customised campaigns and much more.

digitalis (n.)

1. A species of tall herbs with bell-shaped flowers, this plant is most commonly known as foxglove. A modern Latin translation of the German name “finger-hat”, meaning “thimble”. 2. A medicine prepared from the dried leaves of foxgloves which contain substances that stimulate the muscle of the heart.

Our Approach

Digitally down to earth.

Digitalis Web Design is inspired by nature’s algorithmic beauty. Our goal is to deliver pioneering solutions that not only feel like they’ve been built by a Swiss watchmaker, but look like they’re hot off an artist’s easel. Technology is, after all, the science of craft.

With Digitalis, we promise to give you a human experience. Our down to earth approach is rooted in proficiency and grounded in clear communication. We are committed to providing quality services and conveying the technical needs of our clients in a relatable language.

Enough said about us, we’d love to hear from you.


On The House

There are a number of things that all modern websites require. Unlike some of our competitors, we’re not here to upsell you for services we consider to be essential. For this reason, we provide all of the following functionality as standard:



Fully Bespoke

Make it epic.

Do you even need a website in the age of social media? Absolutely. A website is more than a showcase of your work and services – it’s the digital bricks and mortar of your business. A properly configured and intelligently designed website gives you complete control over your entire media brand. After all, you own it.

Your work is our work, let’s make it epic. As artists we celebrate individuality, and aspire to recognise the unique aesthetic of each of our clients. Digitalis has the technical and creative skills to transform your brand vision into a digital reality.

  • Next level portfolio and gallery design.
  • Graphics and artwork, tailored to fit.
  • Fully personalised blogs and feeds.
  • That special sauce, the way you like it.

The Bees Knees


Internet Design

Make it Visible.

Be it a an online conference, local plumbing service or cat drawing competition, every website needs quality traffic. Before we write a single line of code, here are the steps we take to establish an optimal project trajectory:

1. Scope and Vision:

In order to design an effective product we need to identify the website’s specific purpose and how it relates to your goals. By speaking to you about your business, assessing existing marketing strategies and evaluating your competitors, we can learn more about the unique values and strategies that underpin your brand.

2. Audience:

It’s our job to understand who your target audience is, what they search for and what makes you stand out from your competitors – we call this your ‘special sauce‘. To improve your reach, we offer targeted search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, social media, email campaigns and in-app advertising services.

3. Engagement:

Once we’ve identified potential channels to drive traffic to your website, it’s time to take user experience seriously. The secret to creating high conversion rates isn’t actually a secret – it really boils down to good ol’ authenticity. After all, we all desire genuine and meaningful interaction. This is where we explore creative ways of turning your ‘special sauce’ into real user engagement.

4. Model:

From here, we’re able to build a comprehensive project plan that details a set of scenarios and solutions that are appropriate to your budget. Once we’re all happy with the projects direction, we get to work on the fun stuff:
Design → Develop → Implement → Test.

Environmental Hosting

0 kWh

… The amount of energy data centres gobble up every year in the US alone.[1]

That’s more than a few kettles worth. And it gets worse – in 2016, data centres around the world were 40% more power hungry than the whole of the United Kingdom. Further yet, this figure is expected to double every four years.

Fortunately, your conscious can be at ease when you choose Digitalis. We’ve partnered with a hosting provider that invests 300% of its energy consumption into renewables. This way, we offer high performance websites that not only look great on the outside, but are ‘carbon-reducing’ on the inside.

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